Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rebox RE-8500HDPVR

Twin HDTV Tuner with network functionality

This multimedia twin tuner is an interesting model because including the browser plugin (WebZeal), a YouTube application, the ability to (future development) plugins to install, and it is possible to exchange tuners.
By default, this receiver is equipped with two DVB-S tuners, but it is easy to change into a DVB-T or DVB-C receiver, or a combination thereof!
As with any linux receiver, it is possible to change the appearance of the receiver (on the screen) to change through so-called "skins" via internet download. The RE-8500HD PVR has all the features you can expect a modern twin tuner, including the possibility of internal HDD (2.5 inch).

Features / Technical Specification

Concerns only the DVB-S/S2, Satellite Receiver / configuration

    Supports MPEG4 / MPEG2 - HD / SD and Fully DVB-S2 / DVB-S compatible
    Advanced Blind Scan for SD and HD TV & Multi-Satellite Search
    Multi-LNB dmvDiSEqC Control Version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS

When used with an (optional) DVB-C Cable tuner / configuration

    Supports MPEG4 / MPEG2 - HD / SD and fully suitable for DVB-C

When used with an (optional) DVB-T (terri trial) tuner (DVB)

    Supports MPEG2 - SD and fully suitable for DVB-T and DVB-T2

General characteristics for all the above configurations DVB

    Twin Tuner HDTV PVR Receiver (H.264 / MPEG4 HD)
    Embedded Linux operating system
    Time Shifting, Recording and playback with internal HDD (SATA) / External HDD (e-SATA or USB 2.0)
    Simultaneous recording of 3 channels (3rd station is within 1 of the 2 selected transponders to sit) and display of 2 other stations (PIP)
    Extended EPG supports and Event Recording
    3 USB 2.0 Host ports
    Xvid file playback support
    Ethernet port
    White VFD Display (12 digit alpha numeric)
    Universal remote control for TV / STB / DVD / VCR
    On-Screen Display with Full Color & Resolution
    Favorite channel groups
    Extensive channel list editing
    Service Sorting by Alphabet, Transponder and CAS
    User-friendly and multilingual support (OSD & Menu)
    Teletext and subtitle support
    Memory for up to 10,000 channels
    Picture-in-Picture (PIP) & Multi-picture Display
    Parental Lock / System Lock / Installation lock
    HDMI Video & Audio Output (576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p)
    Y / Pb / Pr (component) HD output
    CVBS (composite) Video & Audio Output via RCA
    CVBS, RGB, Y / C Video & Audio Output via TV SCART
    Optical Output for Digital Audio (SPDIF)
    Software & Service update via USB & RS-232C port
    2 internal card reader and 2 Common Interface Slots
    Owner's Manual
    WebZeal web browser *
    Dimensions (W x H x D): 340mm x 60mm x 230mm
    1W energy consumption in "deep sleep" standby

* WebZeal comments:
The RE-8500HD PVR comes with WebZeal v1.4 "pre-installed". This should, for stable use, to be upgraded to version 1.6 (downloadable from the website Rebox), and provides web browsing functionality (http and https sites). For this update procedure our downloadable guide!
No support for Flash Player, Mediaplayer, ActiveX, and "driven site" plugin installations.

The RE-8500HD PVR is to use a wireless keyboard. The Microsoft Arc model simplifies the type work within web pages, such as entering search within a search engine like Google, or filling out web forms, such as a contact.
Entering URLs, setting bookmarks, home page etc, should be done using the remote i.c.m. the virtual "on screen" keyboard.

The Rebox 8500HD PVR is actually a good receiver. Price Technically interesting in terms of ease and certainly not wrong. When new software is downloaded over the Internet and on a usb stick to the recipient is offered, the recipient sees this immediately and ask for an update to be performed. The same happened with the plugins, if a plugin has to be added. Recording and playback is fine, even with multiple channels simultaneously. Web browsing and youtube should get used and do you prefer a separate keyboard (the remote is just inconvenient, but it works) but can never replace a PC. The built-in card reader may be fine to use the canal digital card and various other types of cards.

A disadvantage might be called the format, but standard audio format receivers we never really. It remains a linux receiver, but will be fully managed by the software developers in Korea. Of the Dutch importer we have never had a hat on, but fortunately the support of a number of wholesalers more than enough for a good support to expect.